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            About Us

            Jiangsu DiFan Science and Technology Creation Park Co., Ltd

            was established in 2002 and its predecessor was Haimen northern Silk Factory which was the first factory that specialized in production, development and sales of silk floss in Dieshiqiaio. The present products involve silk household bedding, accessories, home supplies and many other series and guide the unique artistic household lifestyle for tens of thousands of consumers.
            Now our company has an elite R & D team with more than 150 people as well as 15,000 square meters of factory production base. Meanwhile, we also have a complete set of production lines and perfect management mode.

            Our Products

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            Jiangsu Di Fan Science and Technology Innovation Park Co., Ltd

            Fax Number:0513-81228002


            Museum Address: Phase II, No.111017, Dieshiqiao International Textile City, China

            Factory Address: Spinning Avenue, Area B, Haimen Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province